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those shades. those moves. those ponys. swagg. swagg. swagg.


those shades. those moves. those ponys. swagg. swagg. swagg.

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There is no beauty in pain….

There is however beauty and radiance in the strength that comes with pain. It is in the way someone wakes up every day with that pain and decides to keep going. 

I will never be the same

Sometimes you break…

Sometimes something hits you so hard that it splits you to the very core.. It shatters the person you are and leaves her in a crumpled mess on the floor of your shower, wishing the water would make the tears stop.. It breaks you so fully that your soul splits, and you are no longer recognisable… Discusted with this pityful, torn, empty shell that cannot get herself up you’re forced to become someone else, to become someone who would never be in this shower, someone who he could never break.. You’re forced to re-design yourself from the heart out, so you will never hurt again..

Two years of our lives are now over… and I don’t want to be her anymore.

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I want to write something deep and meaningful..

That people will feel, marvel at and remember. I want to write something that will cast them into thoughtfulness and woe, and joy. I realize that I could write something deep and meaningful, as I have done many times before -in the lost pages of many fallen notebooks-. I also realize that it would only truly be deep and meaningful to myself, as my thoughts are not yours.

 How does one ascend to Poe status? Must you die and leave behind a legacy of scribbles and stories of madness? Must you like Bill Shakespeare write horrible, shallow vacant characters that fall into a doomed love but tell the stories in such a way that your public sits hinged in their seats waiting to see -although already knowing- what becomes of the young couple. 

I am beginning to believe there will never again be great poets, sonnet writers or play-writes in our world. Not because nobody is great at such, but because there are lots of greats, and the stories can be shared so vastly that they lose their rarity in a sense… They loose the Epic quality that not many writers got to show off in the days of Bill and Edgar. It almost breaks my heart that there can be such deep and thoughtful, inspiring works out there that are lost in the vastness of today’s society. 

It seems almost narcissistic now to want to impact the life of another… Though it is a pretty narcissistic wish… 

Anyways.. nobody reads these so I am finished. 

"You can love someone so much…. but you can never love them as much as you can miss them…" 

— I’m convinced is it John green.












petition to rename the usa ‘south canada’

what about alaska

are we then normal canada

canada a bit to the left


What about South America? Is that just America? Or South South Canada?



i cried my ass of laughing




“Not-a-single-lady Canada”, I just lost it.

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